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Method of Operations

The dredger is a cutter-dredger type, which has a cutter at the end of the suction pipe ladder.

The cutter here is the drilling bit.

It is lowered onto the seabed where it loosens the sea-sand by its rotary action.

The suction pipes of the dredger can be lowered 22 meters into the waterbed. Few dredgers go near this depth.

The loose sand together with water is sucked and pumped into the floating pipeline to a sand fill site.

This is the hydraulic process of winning the mineral sand.

Here the water-bearing sand discharges its load of water and sand at the end of the floating pipeline, while water runs off through the water box and thence back to the sea.

Often a booster station, stationed between the dredger and the sand fill site is more than one and a half kilometers.

At the sand fill site, the sand so deposited is spread or “pushed out” with a bulldozed.

Minor and temporary Water Courses are created with the bulldozer to conduct the water to the water box and thence to the sea.
Sand filling of Sites


DE ELOUISAS HEAVY INDUSTRIES LIMITED is committed to providing cost management associated services to her clients with high-quality standard.

To us, quality ranks first before price and as such, we set the client’s quality expectation as our minimum standard.
To achieve the above quality objective, the company shall:

– Hold client-specified quality supreme by sticking to it while sourcing the same at the lowest price and also meeting or surpassing the client’s expectation.

– Ensure that all sourcing activities and services are provided in conformity with the client’s specifications and in line with industrial tenets.

– Conduct background checks on sourced vendors to ensure that they are of high ethical standard and can offer quality goods and services before using their prices.

– Carry client along in our sourcing activities to enable him to appreciate quality decisions.

– Ensure and uphold good professionalism with a high service standard that will allow’ us to meet the client’s CASHE requirements.

– Ensure high standard of integrity, transparency, and accuracy in a manner that engenders competent, reliable, and efficient service delivery.

– Implement and maintain adequate documentation for each client for ease of references and drawing of learning points that can strengthen client’s internal control system.

– Comply with regulatory and client’s internal requirements in every aspect of our operations.

– Ensure that all personnel is competent, adequately trained, and are
committed to implementing quality policies and procedures in our daily operations.

– Training and retraining of our workforce to sustain and also continually improve our quality standard.

– Carry out a periodic review of quality policies and objectives to ensure that standards are maintained while scouting for improvement opportunities.

This quality policy is endorsed

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