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Our Professional Services

We undertake integrated services covering Construction, Designs, Engineering, Procurement, and Supplies for companies and agencies.

What We Do

Building Construction

Engineering Services

Custom Designs

Areas Of Specialization

Basically we are a civil engineering, architectural and construction firm engaged in the areas of:

  • Construction
  • Engineering
  • Procurement
  • Fabrication
  • Manpower Development and Supply
  • Marine Transportation
  • Electrical Instrumentation
  • Rural Electrification and street lighting
  • Environmental services and management


We undertake the following engineering
– Structural
– Electrical
– Marine


We procure the under-mentioned items for engineering work locally and also Deal with foreign procurement,
-Concrete/Allied products
-Steel and Metal
-Chemical and Allied products


We undertake the construction of;
-Jetties and piers
-Playgrounds/amusement parks
-Swimming pools
-Cooperates structures


We fabricate the following:
-Surface tanks(steel)
-Submersible tanks
-Overhead tanks
-Reinforcements, (steel and concrete)

Manpower Dev./Supply

In this regards we have the following:
Engineers(Electrical/Civil/Mechanical/Chemical) Technologies.
And in the area of other skilled and semi-skilled manpower, we can provide;
-Million rights
-Electrical instrumentation technicians
-Crane operators etc.

Marine Transportation

We provide the following:
-Barges(all sizes/types)
-Passenger boats
-Tankers(Diesel and water)

Dredging and Construction

DE ELOUISAS HEAVY INDUSTRIES LIMITED has harnessed Italian technical expertise in dredging business to the arduous task of building an indigenous competitive answer to the existing monopoly in the Nigerian dredging business.

It is quite clear from the way in which DE ELOUISAS HEAVY INDUSTRIES LIMITED came into dredging that it wants to bring competitive pricing into the business of dredging in Nigeria.

This does require that Nigerians: Internalize the skill of managing all shades of on and offshore dredging activities in Nigeria
Gain technical skills in maintaining, repairing, and eventually constructing custom-made.
We intend to acquire a fleet of modern Italian/Dutch Cutter/suction dredgers whose pumping capacities range from 280 – 350 cubic meters solid per hour and 900 – 1200 cubic meters solid per hour respectively, with modern booster stations which increase the instance between the dredger and the sand fill site.
Human Resources:
Dredging Engineers
Quarter Masters
Deckhands, etc.

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